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What are Topical Formulation and Their Types?

Posted by [email protected] on February 4, 2019 at 6:30 AM

‘’Topical formulations’’ as name sounds are the formulations applied topically. Topical formulations can be available in both forms either medicated topical formulations or cosmetic topical formulations. But both the forms are administered through topical route.

All the topical formulations are applied over body surfaces or mucous membranes.

These topical formulations can be formulated in many types like creams, lotions, ointments, gels, foams, soap, shampoo, paste.

  • Cream

Creams are the emulsion of oil and water. It can be of two forms either oil in water emulsions or water in oil emulsions.

Examples of creams

  1. Fairness creams- These type of creams are used for cosmetic purpose to enhance the fairness of the skin tone.
  2. Cold creams- These type of creams are used emollient and greasy purpose.
  3. Vanishing creams- These type of creams are used for vanishing of skin they are easily spreadable over the skin and non sticky in nature.
  4. Night cream- These type of creams are also used for cosmetic purpose, used in night before going to bed.
  5. Massage cream- These type of creams are used for massage purpose.
  6. Medicated creams- These creams contains some active pharmaceutical ingredients used for medicated purpose when prescribed by health professionals.

  • Lotion
  1. Lotions are the oil in water emulsion. They have thinner consistency due to more water content as compare to cream. That is the reason lotions are loose flowing semi solid formulations.
  2. They can be easily spreadable over large areas of skin.
  3. It can be in both forms either in cosmetic lotion form or medicated lotion form.

  • Ointments

Ointments are sticky and greasy in nature, forms a protective layer or film over the area where it is applied. It does not contains water and preservatives. They are mostly available in medicated form.

  • Gel

Gels are most similar to ointments, they also forms a very thin layer of medication over the applied area. They can be available in both cosmetic and medicated forms.

  • Paste

Paste contains powder and ointments. Powder content in gel decides the porosity of paste.

  • Medicated Soap

Soaps are generally used for cleansing of body surfaces, they are also used for medicated purpose to treats problems like acne, scabies, allergies, fungal infections etc.

  • Medicated Shampoo

Shampoo is used for cleansing of hairs, as well as for medication purpose also like for treatment of dandruff problem and fungal infections of scalp.

These topical formulations are manufactured by many pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturer companies. Affy Group is a pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturer company involved in manufacturing of topical formulations like cream, gel, ointment, lotion, soap, shampoo etc.

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