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Different Types of Medicated Soaps and Their Uses

Posted by [email protected] on March 15, 2019 at 8:45 AM

Soap as we all know used for cleansing purpose. It is a common part of every house,

Medicated soap as the name describes it is a soap used for medication purpose.

Medicated soap is generally prescribed for different skin problems, caused by some bacteria’s or fungi.

Types of Medicated Soap

  • Anti fungal soap- This soap is used to treat fungal infections of skin as they have therapeutic efficacy to fight against fungal infections. Example - Ketoconazole soap.
  • Anti acne soap- This soap is used for the treatment of acne problem or pimples. They are well capable in removing the dead cells present on skin, responsible for cause of acne problem. Example – Neem soap.
  • Anti cellulite soap - This soap is used for removal of deposition of cellulite from the skins of thighs, hips, buttocks etc.
  • Anti aging soap- This is used for slow downing of aging and makes the skin healthier and younger.
  • Anti itching soap- This soap is used in the treatment of itching problem caused by various infections or allergies.
  • Anti scabies soap- This soap is used for the treatment of scabies problems. They are well capable in fight against scabies. Example - Permethrin soap.

There are many pharmaceutical companies who are dealing in manufacturing of medicated soap. Like Affy group is one of the medicated soap manufacturer in India. They are involved in manufacturing of medicated soaps like permethrin soap, ketoconazole soap, sulphur soap, Neem soap, Clotrimazole soap etc.

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